12-14.10.2022, PLOVDIV, BULGARIA

The event is organized by the “Union of Poultry Breeders in Bulgaria”.
The Exhibition includes the stands of 20 leading companies of national and global scale, presenting the latest innovations in the  «Poultry» sector.
It focuses on solutions to problems in genetics, poultry nutrition, breeding technology, bird health, laboratory diagnostics, farm hygiene and egg packaging.

The event was also attended by officials, such as the Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev, the Deputy Minister Associate Professor Krum Nedelkov, the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency Dr. Hristo Valchanov, the Executive Director of the State Agricultural Fund Mr. Georgi Takhov and his deputy Mr. Georgi Dinev, the executive director of the Food Risk Assessment Center Dr. Koicho Koev, the chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce Mr. Dobri Mitrev.



15-18.11.2022, HANNOVER, GERMANY

EuroTier is the world’s leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock management. The innovation platform of the global animal production industry shows a complete overview of innovations, solutions and established standards. It presents solutions and innovations for cattle, pig and poultry farming. The subjects of sheep and goats, boarding horses, aquaculture, alternative proteins and direct marketing complete the exhibition and specialist programme.

As the world’s leading trade fair, EuroTier presents the most important innovations, products and services for the breeding and keeping of farm animals. The focus is on beef, pork, poultry and aquaculture – the processing of feed into meat, milk and eggs. Topics and trends, e.g. alternative stable use systems, climate and environmental protection, digitization, processing, refinement and marketing, sales, offer information and provide inspiration. The core target group of visitors are professional farmers and traders.